Meet Kelley Blamey


  • Realtor

For lifelong Austin resident Kelley Blamey, real estate is a family affair. As a child, Kelley watched her parents transform houses into homes not only for themselves but for countless others as well.

“Growing up, we moved to several different homes and we’d update, redo, and re-decorate them,” says Kelley. “My dad has owned his own property management company for over 40 years in Austin and he has this mentality of leaving a place better than how you found it. That ethic of having pride in your work and having a client’s best interest at heart, that’s the atmosphere I was brought up in and that’s what I bring to my business.”

Meet Kelley Blamey: real estate expert, custom home builder, and proud mom. Kelley credits her mother, an interior decorator, with passing on her “eye for design.”

“It’s genetic,” says Kelley of her talent for creating an appealing aesthetic that attracts buyers.

Another area of expertise Kelley shares with her clients is her extensive knowledge and first-hand experience with new construction and custom homebuilding.

“My husband was a home builder for his whole career,” she says. “He and I own a custom home construction company, and we’ve custom-built two of our own homes. Having that background and an understanding of the elements of new construction — what I liked and what I’d change — gives me a unique perspective when working with clients who are considering new construction. I bring that ‘been there, done that’ mentality and can offer plenty of advice in that realm.”

Because of her background, Kelley has amassed a vast network of experts that extends beyond  residential to commercial real estate as well.

“If a client wants to buy land to build and develop, that’s within my sphere and I have many people I can go to to ensure that we have all the knowledge we need to make the best deal,” she says.

Always putting her clients’ best interests first is what led Kelley to Maxavenue.

“Maxavenue has brought a team of experts together to provide a different, much higher level of expertise,” says Kelley. “It’s unlike anything else out there today. Maxavenue sets itself apart by being so far ahead in terms of where things are going in real estate. Once I saw the people and the systems they have in place, I wanted to be a part of that.”

Kelley points to the Maximum Value Home Buying System®, which is one of the many innovative ways Maxavenue proves its commitment to being a consumer champion by enabling clients earn and save thousands.

“I love the support from Maxavenue’s marketing team, which allows me to keep my relationships with my clients going strong,” she says. “I’m extremely excited about working at Maxavenue and learning new systems to provide expert service that no other brokerage currently has.”

Like, for example, Maxavenue’s Persona Targeted Marketing and Persona Targeted Home Staging, systems which work with her natural talent for design and decor and help her style the home to attract the buyer most likely to purchase the home for the highest price.”By knowing exactly which elements will appeal to that person and being able to differentiate the home from all others on the market — it’s a secret weapon for sales success!”

Noting that real estate is often considered a “cutthroat business,” Kelley strives to live by her dad’s philosophy: “Good real estate is when both parties feel like they’ve won.” She adds, “We have fiduciary responsibilities to our client but we also are to treat all parties fairly. I want what is best for my client, but not at the sacrifice of honesty and integrity.”

When she isn’t helping clients buy or sell, Kelley enjoys spending time with family. A mom of three, Kelley’s middle son is a Marine, which has inspired her to get involved with volunteering to help veterans. She also loves live music and is looking forward to learning how to play the guitar.

“Austin still holds true to its roots of southern hospitality,” say Kelley. “There’s great food, live music, and plenty of outdoor activities. The atmosphere that Austin has provided for businesses to thrive has put us in the spotlight to be admired.”