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Worried About Retirement? This Revolutionary Strategy Ensures Your Golden Years Will Be Stress Free. I Wrote a Book About It.

With a large percentage of the population approaching the age of retirement, there’s been a…

Neighborhood Association is Heart of Allandale

Residents of Austin’s central-city Allandale neighborhood love the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA), a non-profit organization…

Why I Love Allandale

Allandale is one of Austin’s most-treasured central neighborhoods, and I’m so lucky to call it…

Embracing Color in the Home

Adding color to your home’s interior is very much a personal decision. While some adore…

Adding Romantic Touches to Your Home

Several years ago, the hygge trend took the decorating world by storm. This concept of…

Designing Your Perfect Home Gym

Assembling an in-house gym is an investment in your home as well as a healthy…

Fireplace Makeovers That Heat Up a Room

In addition to their inherent warmth, fireplaces add a timeless aesthetic appeal. While it might…

Designing a Knockout Holiday Event

Creating a memorable experience that captures the spirit of the season may sound like a…

Cultivating a Cozy & Comfortable Interior

Ready or not, autumn is underway. Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, but the…

How to Select a Vacation Home

Taking a break from the day-to-day stresses in a location you adore might sound like…

Looks You’ll Love in 2020

The phrase “Out with the old and in with the new,” certainly applies to home…

Elevating Your Home Entertainment

If you’ve longed to recreate the magic of the cinema or an arcade in your…

High Tech Home Gadgets That Do the Work for You

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4 Tips for Turning Your Home Into the Perfect Event Space

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Relocate or Renovate?

Selling your home and relocating is stressful, but living through a renovation is not without…

Top Luxury Home Features to Increase Your Home Resale Value

Improving your surroundings is always exciting. But if your home renovations increase its value and…

Traditional vs. Modern Home Facades

A number of styles fall under the umbrella of “traditional” homes. For example, Victorian, Colonial,…

Accommodations for Multiple Generations

What is a multigenerational home? This trend, defined as one in which grandparents and children…

Eye-Catching Remodeling Trends That Marry Luxury With Imagination

Just as fashion trends change annually, home design preferences shift with each new year. As…

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Austin Real Estate Market Report.

February Real Estate Remains Strong; Realtors Adapt to COVID-19 Reality Austin metro area residential home…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

January Home Sales Indicate Strong 2020 for Austin Area Across the Austin metro area, both…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

Austin area closes decade with record-breaking $13B in home sales Real estate agents in Central…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

2019 Will Likely Be Another Record-Breaking Year in Home Sales With just one month left…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

October Smashes Records, Even as Inventory Plunges Austin home sales increased by double digits in…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

Austin Median Home Prices Hits All-Time High for September Oblivious to the traditional end of…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

August Saw More Home Sales, but Smaller Selection in Austin As families sent kids back…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

Great Austin-area home sales break July records while city sales remain flat Home sales in…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

Austin sees a decline, but home sales in Central Texas overall are up in first…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

The median price of a single-family home in Austin set an all-time high of $407,400,…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

Austin Housing Market Remains Strong, Suggests Trend Toward Pricing Stabilization After a strong first quarter,…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

Buyers Look to Suburbs as Austin Prices Climb Fast-rising home prices within Austin’s city limits…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

A Record-Breaking February for Austin Home Sales Spring is usually the most active season for…

Investment Properties in Austin: Five Things to Consider Before You Invest

Austin seems to be the “it” city. Its strong job market, natural beauty, and laid-back…

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Real Estate Investment Properties: What You Need to Know

Owning investment properties can be rewarding. In fact, statistics show that more people have become…

March Austin Real Estate Market Report

A Cool Start to 2019 for Austin Area Home Sales The pace of Austin area…

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Austin Broke Another Record for Home Sales in 2018 Austin’s powerful real estate market exceeded…

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Austin’s 2018 Home Sales on Record-Setting Path Austin has been on a path to set…

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Austin Home Sales Set October Record The Austin metro are set a new record for…

Austin Real Estate Market Report

Austin Home Sales Held Steady in September Inside Austin city limits, home sales decreased 0.9…

Client Social Reviews

Wendy Hsieh

Santa Clara, California

Debbie has a tremendous vertically integrated service - she was able to recommend a property mgmt company, a law firm to help set up an LLC, a CPA for tax filings. In addition, she made it easy for me as a remote investor throughout the process. She also reviewed certain documentation to call out items worthy of my attention and advised on negotiation strategy.

Jennifer Martinez

Austin, TX

Looked at a number of homes on one day, gave great guidance on how to successful purchase the home and put me in touch with experts so I could close on time.

Art Olbert

Round Rock, TX

Debbie was patient, competent, kept us current, and had good suggestions. She was great!

Steve Monson

Driftwood, TX

Debbie did a great job. This is our 5th transaction with her and she sold our property within 4 hours for over asking price to a couple who only saw photos and did a face time walk thru.

Eric Kidwell

Austin, TX

My wife and I bought our first home with Debbie. She walked us the the processes and made us feel comfortable along the way. We liked working with Debbie so much that when we were ready to sell our first house and buy another, we didn't hesitate to reach to Debbie. I would highly recommend working with Debbie to anyone interested in buying or selling in Austin.

Maria Real

Austin, TX

Being a first time home owner is daunting to say the least. Not if you have Debbie. She was so patient with my million questions I love to ask and took the time to educate us about what to expect at every step. She was great at negotiation and knew how to go about it the right way. She was always available when we needed her. Communication is key when you are dealing with this hot of a market and houses fly off the shelves. Debbie also helped us sell our first home and buy our 2nd home. She did her research to know what our true market value was and helped guide that transaction with ease. I highly recommend Debbie as your Realtor and Real Estate Therapist.

Marty Ungi

Austin, TX

Debbie made sure that our house hunting was a success! We couldn't be happier with our home and our realtor! Her wealth of local expertise, useful contacts and market experience is a real treasure!!!

Jeremy Gorr

Austin, TX

Debbie did great, she really helped us play hardball during negotiations with a buyer who wanted a lot of money for repairs. She found a backup offer that we were able to use as leverage with the first offer. Her skills saved us money in the process.

John Jackson

Austin, TX

Debbie has been our real estate gal for years. She is a pleasure to work with because you know how much she cares and is so freaking smart! Her service after the sale is unsurpassed...really, see for yourself.

Faye Holland

Austin, TX

Debbie takes the time to really know you and your family and your wants and needs. She is very thoughtful and proactive when it comes to selling your house and buying a new one. She has been our realtor through two home purchases and two home sales and 14 years!!

Emily Robinson

Austin, TX

If you need a realtor, do yourself a favor and contact Debbie. She’s not only insanely good at her job but she is one of the most wonderful, kindest people I know. Seriously. Perhaps you might think you have a good enough realtor now or they are your cousin’s friend’s mom or something and you feel obligated to go with them but you would be making a mistake. Debbie is a ray of sunshine in the tricky world of house buying/selling. I mean at least drop her a line. I bet she will blow you away.

Charissa Memrick

Austin, TX

Guys. If you need a realtor. SERIOUSLY contact this amazing woman.

Michael Greenwalt

Elgin, TX

Debbie is simply the best realtor ever. She is super smart, resourceful, funny, patient, friendly, and most importantly, she exemplifies what it means to be customer/client-focused. Her excellent communication, deep knowledge of the real estate market, helpful guidance, ability to make the complex understandable, and ongoing wrap-around support have raised the bar for what a realtor can and should be.

Tom Hanks

Waco, TX

Debbie is a consummate business-woman: all the details, all the i's and t's, are dotted or crossed as appropriate. Equally, and rarely in my experience, she is also warmly available in ALL details of property-owning. At the same time she keeps her owners from forgetting important details about their property. For example, this year it was her prompt that kept me from forgetting to pay my property taxes. As I age, such prompts are increasingly valuable.

Jeanette and Hank Holmes

Austin, TX

Debbie is the most remarkable realtor we’ve ever had. We have bought and sold two houses with her. She is professional at all times and goes beyond what any realtor has ever done for us. When we sold our first house with her we needed to rent for a while as we had decided to move after we retired. Debbie helped us find a rental. We had never had that type of assistance from a realtor before. We moved to Arizona and then decided we missed Austin, and Debbie helped us long distance, get a contract on a house, which anyone shopping in Austin knows, can be a very difficult thing to do in this market. Her assistance doesn’t end with the purchase of your home. When we were moving back from Arizona we wanted some work done on our house. Debbie helped us find a contractor to remove our popcorn ceilings and coordinated them getting into the house to start work while we packed our house in Arizona. She is a wealth of information not only regarding real estate but city codes, and what remodeling will pay off if you sell. We have learned to consult with Debbie if we need work done on our house. We recently had a family member come to Austin to check out the city because of a potential job opportunity. They mentioned it would be really nice to meet with a realtor to get an idea of the housing market. I called Debbie on a weekend, she was at a conference but still managed to fit them in before they left town. We can’t recommend her more highly. She is fabulous, an expert in her field and the sweetest person to work with. We’re so glad we found her.

Kazzye Martens

Austin, TX

Debbie is smart, dependable, and tenacious! She has helped my husband and I sell one house and buy another at two different points in time, and both experiences have been top-notch! One of Debbie's best qualities is that she reserves judgment about a house and lets you make up your own mind- unless of course you ask for her opinion! This is vital because what one person loves isn't always the same as what another loves! Debbie has truly become a friend of our family's and we would highly recommend her services (and have done this several times in the past!)!

Liz Nguyen

Austin, TX

I was so happy to get Debbie's name through a few colleagues when I decided to buy my first house. Debbie was extremely thorough and her calm nature helped with my high stress level through the process. Debbie never pressured me in any way but was there to talk through any questions I had. She has kept in touch since I bought my house (which I love, by the way) and helped with contacts for plumbers, electricians, HVAC, etc when I've needed that information. I always recommend her when I get the chance!

Rhonda Pierce

Leander, TX

EXCELLENT REALTOR! My husband and I have used Debbie on 3 real estate transactions. We came across Debbie through a co-worker from my sister when we first moved to Austin. Can I just say WOW! I’m so glad we got her, of the thousands of realtors in this city, we got the best one out there. We bought and sold our condo through Debbie and we just purchased our new home with Debbie. She is forever our agent. Debbie is so knowledgeable about all the areas of greater Austin. She guided us all the way. She was, and still is, available for all of our questions and concerns. She checks on us every month. We LOVE Debbie! She is the hardest working agent you’ll find.

Meg Grayson

Austin, TX

Debbie was great, she worked very hard, she was always around and always available. Everything worked out as it should.

Joe McCabe

Austin, TX

Debbie did a great job handling all of the negotiations and details while we were out of the country. She took care of the the option and inspection period and the house sold in 24 hours for above asking price. It was all very straightforward and happened quickly, it worked out really well.

A Broker has completed a state-defined education that includes 900 classroom hours, way beyond the 210 hours required for agents. Additionally, Brokers must pass a more comprehensive broker's license exam. Brokers may work alone or they may hire agents to work for them.

A Realtor¨ is a licensed real estate salesperson who belongs to the National Association of Realtors¨, the largest trade group in the country. Not all agents are Realtors¨ - but choosing a designated Realtor¨ means you've selected an agent that must adhere to the National Association of Realtors¨ stringent code of ethics.

Accredited Buyers Representative:
Real estate agents who have earned the Accredited Buyer's Representative designation have been trained to deliver enhanced customer service, extensive due diligence and expert negotiation skills. Agents without this designation may not have the training or experience required to provide top-quality real estate buyer representation.

Certified Negotiation Expert:
Agents who have earned the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation are trained in a wide spectrum of negotiating strategies and techniques, along with tools to expertly negotiate from a position of strength. While all real estate agents have some experience in negotiations, working with a CNE designated agent gives buyers and sellers a strategic advantage in the negotiating process.

Graduate REALTOR, Institute:
Agents who earn the GRI designation have received advanced training in emerging technology, laws, and procedures as well as the increasingly complex real estate market itself. All agents work to provide a smooth home buying and selling experience, but GRI designated agents have taken the extra step to become a consummate professional and expert in their local market.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist:
Agents who have earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation have been trained to expertly guide and implement effective strategies for mature clients when making important decisions about selling, buying, relocating, or refinancing residential or investment properties.

Internet Marketing Certified:
e-PRO curriculum ensures your real estate agent has attained mastery of the latest social media technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter, and can create a compelling online presence vital to helping sellers reaching today's hyper-connected consumers. With the rapidly evolving world of Internet and social media technologies, it pays to have an expert on your team.

Certified Residential Specialist:
Agents who have earned the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation have been trained to understand the complexities of the housing market, how to best position their client’s interests, and how to effectively community with all parties to a transaction. In short, the CRS designation means your agent has more advanced, specialized training in all aspects of the residential market than agents who haven't earned this designation.

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist:
Agents who have earned the designation of Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) are elite professionals with the knowledge, experience and skills required to expertly represent buyers and sellers in the Luxury Home market. In addition, a CLHMS designated agent is a local market leader with documented performance in the top 10% of their markets.

Short Sales and Forclosure Certified:<

Counselor of Real Estate:

Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager:

Seller Representative Specialist:
Agents who have earned the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation have demonstrated elevated professional standards, enhanced individual performance, and the ability to recognize emerging market trends and professional practices to real estate professionals. All of this specialized knowledge gives an SRS designated agent the tools to make the home selling experience as smooth as possible.

Green Real Estate Marketing Specialist:
Agents who hold the NAR Green designation have been trained to understand and expertly serve consumers seeking green “eco-friendly” homes. NAR Green agents not only receive education about the quickly developing green technologies and practices, but engage in ongoing specialized training to stay abreast of green real estate issues and trends.

Bachelor of Business Administration:

Master Certified Negotiation Expert:
Agents who earn the Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) designation have mastered a wide spectrum of negotiation skills - including all the CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) qualifications, plus email negotiations, advanced negotiation techniques for both buying and selling, as well as mastering negotiating techniques among different generations and cultures. An agent with these extra, in-depth skills give their clients a significant advantage in negotiating from strength.

Certified Senior Housing Specialist:
Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) offer specialized service specifically focused on the needs and special circumstances of senior buyers and sellers. Having completed extensive coursework and the in-depth training, CSHPs have the specialized knowledge to help seniors achieve their goals. As such, they are more equipped than general real estate agents to serve as the Consumer Champion throughout the entire consultative process of a late-in-life move.

Residential Construction Certified:
Agents who have earned the Residential Construction Certified (RCC) designation have been trained to gain a deep understanding of residential construction materials and methods. With comprehensive construction knowledge, RCC designated agents deliver superior consumer value when representing their clients to appraisers, inspectors, lenders, designers, engineers, and construction professionals.

Certified New Home Specialist:
Agents who have earned the Certified New Home Specialist (CNHS) designation are trained professionals and experts in the details of buying a newly constructed home. From negotiating favorable contract terms to expert due diligence during the construction process, a CNHS designated agent has extensive knowledge and experience as a buyer’s agent and the unique factors involved in working with builders and developers.

ECO-Broker is the premier green designation program for real estate professionals. Certified ECO-Brokers serve residential and commercial property owners, sellers and investors. ECO-Brokers build communities, and champion eco-friendly alternatives with an unparalleled level of care, commitment, and follow-up.

Broker Associate:
A broker whose license is held by another broker. An associate broker qualifies to be a real estate broker but still works for and is supervised by another broker. Associate brokers are sometimes called broker-associates, broker-salespersons or affiliate brokers.