Meet Christen Bakke


  • Realtor

“My mission is to provide the highest possible value to clients so they can move forward through this financial decision with confidence, clarity, and wisdom.”

From a young age, Christen Bakke had a driven, entrepreneurial spirit. Watching her father start and maintain his own businesses with integrity and grit inspired her to become the person she is today. The mindset of conscious business practices and the desire to help others is what drives her as a real estate agent.

Christen graduated from Baylor University in 2014 with a degree in entrepreneurship. While in school, she co-founded a business with friends to aid women in Rwanda. She also spent time sharpening her affinity for critical thinking and sales while doing an internship with Rydell Capital, a top real estate investment company. These experiences made her realize the power that comes with financial independence and the ability to invest in property. She felt strongly that consumers should be aware of the paths available to property ownership.

In 2015, Christen became a realtor, moving forward on her journey of helping others through business and investment endeavors. One of her main passions as an agent is guiding and educating first time home buyers, who may feel intimidated by the process. This makes her an invaluable asset to clients who are looking to feel empowered when making this important life decision.

Christen moved to Austin from Waco with her husband, a filmmaker, and they adore the Austin lifestyle. She says they’re a great match because he’s artistic and creative, while she’s analytical and detail oriented. Together, they frequent art shows, restaurants, and take in as many movies as they can. She loves Austin because “The culture encourages people to pursue what they love and values health, happiness, and relationships.” She has helped clients find their dream homes throughout Austin, including in University Hills, Windsor Park, Mueller, Cherry Creek and Quail Hollow.

Clients describe Christen as being honest, responsive, and trustworthy, with a keen knowledge of real estate and the purchase process. Although accessible and kind, she’s relentless when pursuing top value for her clients. She believes knowledge is power, and works tirelessly to communicate the most up-to-date and accurate information to all who choose to work with her. She feels that every potential home buyer should be aware of what a caring and hardworking agent can offer.

“I recognize the industry is changing. Consumers don’t always understand the value of real estate agents. I switched to Maxavenue because I believe this is the best place to provide the highest possible value to my clients, and they deserve nothing less.”

Although many first time home buyers today have student loan debt and other financial factors to consider when investing, buying a home is feasible when done with an understanding of the buying process. No matter the obstacles, Christen believes in the path to home ownership and the pride that comes with it. “It’s a great way to build wealth,” she says. As a property investor herself, she has worked diligently to unlock the steps towards freedom through real estate investments. She believes anyone can do this with the right guidance and conscious, informed decision making. “Purchasing real estate is a huge investment, one of the largest purchases a person will make in their lifetime,” says Christen. This is why, she believes, it’s important to know what an agent can do for you.

Christen joined Maxavenue because of the agency’s unique, data-driven approach. She considers herself a numbers geek and she appreciates that Maxavenue has intricate models for everything they do. The Maximum Value Home Buying System® is just one of the features that demonstrates Maxavenue’s commitment to being a champion for consumers, helping clients earn and save thousands. Christen has always known she wanted to pursue business with integrity, and Maxavenue is in alignment with her professional principles. She’s excited to be on the team.

“I love what I do because it’s about connecting with people and helping them find simple solutions to complex problems.” She says it’s a thrill to exceed clients’ expectations for money earned or saved. Although highly skilled and goal oriented, this is not just a numbers game for Christen. She looks for ways to positively impact the lives of others whenever possible. Data, sales, numbers, and learning are her chief tools on the mission to serve. And all who work with her feel that dedication.