Meet Celeste Messer


  • Realtor
  • Broker
  • Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR)
  • Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • Internet Marketing Certified (e-PRO)
  • Graduate REALTOR, Institute (GRI)

Celeste is truly a one-of-a-kind Realtor®. This former Fortune 500 Executive, mother of four and veteran of moving her own family 13 times has a passion for helping families find and sell real estate.

She is known for her talent in staging homes for Sellers and finding the perfect home at the right price for Buyers.

She has an MBA in business, extensive real estate experience and an unyielding commitment to her client’s best interests – she is a buyer and sellers dream agent. A skillful negotiator with a heart of gold, Celeste has helped hundreds of families achieve the lifestyle they want while making smart real estate decisions.

With four daughters, two dogs, and a full-time business career, Celeste Messer moved a total of 13 times in 20 years—across town, across the country, and even across the globe. Now, as one of Austin’s most trusted Realtors®, her personal motto is simple: “I want to serve my clients the way I wish I was served those 13 times I moved.” Celeste has been helping homebuyers and sellers relocate in the Austin area for the past decade. With her business acumen and negotiation experience, Celeste’s clients are confident that they have an experienced professional on their team. Yet it is Celeste’s compassion, thoughtfulness, and commitment to her clients that truly sets her apart. “For 20 years in the business world, I used my head,” she says. “What I love about real estate is that I can really put my heart into it.”

Celeste hails from the Midwest, and received her BS in Marketing from Purdue University and her MBA from Indiana University before launching a successful career as a business executive at a Fortune 500 company.

When she was relocated to Venezuela, part of her job was helping other expatriate employees find a place to live and adjust to life in a new country. Celeste found that serving and connecting with others was infinitely more fulfilling than her experience in the corporate world. So, when she returned to the United States, Celeste decided to make a change and pursue real estate.

Soon after she began her real estate career, Celeste took the initiative to open her own boutique real estate agency, ADKOR Realty (A Different Kind of Realty), alongside her oldest daughter, Ashley. When she and Ashley joined Maxavenue, they took their commitment to exceptional customer service to the next level.

“The goal of Maxavenue is to help customers understand what kind of service they deserve, but often don’t realize they’re missing. That’s something I’d been trying to do for years, but didn’t have all the tools I needed,” she explains. “We now can serve our clients far better than we could have done on our own.”

One of Celeste’s best qualities as a Realtor® is her genuine ability to empathize with clients during a stressful, transitional period in their lives. “I have been in their shoes many times,” she says. Celeste most enjoys working with buyers of single-family homes, especially those who are unfamiliar with Austin. Because she has vast knowledge of the area, from Georgetown to San Marcos and everywhere in between, Celeste can help find the ideal lifestyle match for her homebuyers. “I listen, I make sure I know what their needs are, and I help give them ideas on what community best fits those needs,” she explains.

Celeste acts as a valuable resource for all her clients, offering trusted support to help them get settled. “I will do everything in my power to make my client happy, whether it’s helping them find a dentist, find a doctor, you name it,” she says. For Celeste, outstanding customer service means going the extra mile. “I once worked with two different young families who had so much in common and were both moving in from out of town. I introduced them, took them to dinner, and eight years later they’re still best friends.”

Celeste loves to connect with others and embraces the friendly, down-to-earth Austin lifestyle. Still, she is business-oriented and maintains a “strong Midwest work ethic.” Impressively, Celeste has achieved nearly every license and designation in the real estate industry. She expertly utilizes Maxavenue’s Maximum Choice Home Buying System® to examine a potential home purchase from every angle: investment analysis, future home ownership costs, financing options, and a thorough due diligence process. “If you miss any of those parts, you’re not going to be happy in the long run.”

“A lot of agents make promises they can’t keep,” says Celeste. “They’ll give you a number that you want to hear. That’s not how I work. You might not like what you hear, but you’re going to hear the truth.” Her clients Jay and Jenette can attest: “Celeste is the most honest and ethical real estate agent that we have worked with. She puts her clients’ interests ahead of her own. That integrity is Celeste’s finest attribute.”

Celeste uses Maxavenue’s Maximum Value Home Selling System® to help her sellers prepare their homes to sell for the maximum value. She understands that “staging to sell” is often times the biggest value she brings to the table as an agent. Studies have shown homes that are properly staged show better and sell faster. Celeste says, “I do staging and actually bring in furniture, hang curtains, accessorize, etc without any additional cost to my client because I believe so strongly in the importance of home preparation.” She continues, “It is amazing what just a few changes can do.” “For some, it is as simple as rearranging a room to maximize traffic flow or creating a focal point to highlight a home’s best features.”

Celeste loves to create storybook endings, both in her work as a Realtor® and in her spare time. In the past couple of years, she wrote 2 books now available on Kindle and is working on her third which she hopes to have available by Summer 2014. Her goal is to complete a five book series. “I’m a sucker for happy endings,” she says. “That’s why I like real estate! I get to be part of my client’s story. When we have a closing, it’s happily ever after.”

Homebuyers and sellers know that Celeste will work tirelessly to achieve their storybook ending, and trust that her commitment is backed by a team of professionals and a proven, methodical system that ensures consistent results. When they reach the negotiating table, homebuyers and sellers are confident they have an expert on their side who spent over 20 years negotiating in the corporate world. Celeste may write fiction now, but she still means business. She knows firsthand the stress of the moving process, and she is dedicated to guiding her clients every step of the way.

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